Ruach Global Network


Ruach Global Network is a Christ Centered, Spirit-empowered family of ministers who are committed to demonstrating and advancing the Kingdom of God.


Being a community of revival.
We celebrate the various ways and methods of doing ministry, but the common core value that calls us to the table of the Ruach family is that we are a people hungry for His Presence. His Presence will be our priority, and it is our heart to tend the fire of God’s presence in our churches, our communities and around the world.

Coaching and developing the leaders of the kingdom.
The success of the kingdom of God depends on the church. The success of the church rises and falls on its leaders. There is no "Plan B" for the completion of the Great Commission. It is our heart to resource and encourage leaders in their ministry development so that Christ’s kingdom and agenda may be advanced in the earth.

Commissioning and affirming Fivefold ministry.
While Ruach Global Network is a family open for both denominational and non-denominational leaders, there are people who desire to be connected and covered by an apostolic ministry. We will have a structure and process that enables us to commission and credential those who meet New Testament qualifications and demonstrate an acceptance and active call of God on their life.

[Regarding commissioning and ordination, we are getting our legal infrastructure in place. This is a tedious but necessary process. Although this will take some time, having the proper logistical/legal structure in place is essential. We will keep you posted on these developments.]


You can become a part of the Ruach Global Network family and connect with its leaders and enrichment opportunities by emailing us at the address below. After we have received your request, we will guide you through the process of getting connected. One of the first things we will be doing is sending a short survey to you, so we can know what issues that concern you most. Staff composition and development, legal issues, ministry, marriage, and finance are several of the issues we all face. We want to make sure that we are ministering to the felt needs you have in the work God has called you to.

For information on how to join, email info@ruachglobalnetwork.com.

Being a part of the network is not required to attend Ruach Gatherings.